Scholl Vabelplastre Store, små og tåplaster 5 stk


  • Øjeblikkelig smertelindring
  • Hydra-Guard teknologi
  • Det faste udvendige lag beskytter vablen mod gnidning.
  • Holdes sikkert på plads – også i vandet
  • 50 % mere polstring end i den tidligere udgave

Pakkens indhold: 5 EA


Takket være Hydra-Guard-teknologien lindrer Scholl hælplaster straks smerter, fremskynder helingen af eksisterende vabler og forebygger vabeldannelse.

Scholl Blister Shield Plasters consist of a circular hydrocolloid island on a thin polyurethane film. The outer PU film is a thin plastic film designed to have an ultra-smooth surface that reduces the chance of shear force and friction from above the dressing being transferred to the skin. This helps to protect the skin against the rubbing associated with pain and further damage. The PU film is also breathable, preventing excessive build up of moisture on the skin surrounding the blister which could cause irritation. The underside of the PU film is coated with the hot melt adhesive; to hold the hydrocolloid in place and also provide an outer rim of adhesive to stick to the skin. The PU layer stretches and conforms to complex anatomical shapes as seen at the heel and toes.The hydrocolloid contains Hydra-GelTM; a patented technology which contains 30% water and so is able to provide an instant and effective cushion against friction to the skin. The donation of moisture to the blister keeps the blister roof hydrated meaning that it is soft and flexible; the roof of the blister does not push into tender areas beneath the blister and is less likely to tear. The holding down via the firm bond created by the hydrogel dressing minimises the effects of friction and other mechanical disruption of the blister whilst it heals. If the blister roof is allowed to dry out it is more likely to stiffen and tear leaving the blister open to infection and feeling uncomfortable. The gel prevents the blister from drying out and so pain is reduced and healing accelerated.Hydrogels can become cloudy when they absorb fluid from a blister or surrounding skin. Scholl Blister Plasters have 5% Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) in the Hydra- Gel™. The inclusion of CMC means that the Hydra-Gel™ is able to maintain its clarity for longer. The transparency of the plaster also enables the healing process to be monitored without the need to remove the dressing, avoiding unnecessary wastage and external contamination.There is also a hard shield layer that has been included in the plaster design to provide additional protection to the blister from external forces. The shield is made of PET, (Polyethylene terephthalate) a common plastic, which is used to form a relatively hard, impact and penetration resistant shield which protects the underlying hydrocolloid island whilst maintaining its cushioning properties and protects the blister below. The shield is designed to provide pressure and friction resistance by dissipating the forces away from the blister. The cushioning properties of the hydrocolloid island beneath the shield are maintained when external forces are applied. This prevents additional pressure from being placed on the blister, which could cause discomfort and pain.

Sørg for, at huden er ren, tør og uden cremer og olier.Trin 1: Hold fast i plasterets kanter, adskil lag nr. 1 på midten, og fjern det.Trin 2: Hold derefter fast i den blå flap, og træ 2 lag af. Sæt plasteret på, og træk til sidst den blå flap af. Sørg for, at plasteret sidder godt fast. Lad plasteret side på, indtil det falder af naturligt. Træk langsomt plasteret langs huden for at fjerne det.

Medicinsk udstyr. Diabetikere bør søge lægens råd.


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